First Timer: Knitting a Sweater in the Round

Two things first: one, I did knit my first ever sweater on straight needles before attempting this one in the round, and two, I am a natural crocheter. πŸ™‚

I scroll Instagram, through what seems like thousands of photos from other knitting accounts, and I find my eye always drawn to these soft luscious looking mohair and fingerling weight sweaters. They are usually so professional looking, I baffle at the thought of how long it would really take to hand knit these intricate and delicate sweaters. I follow the accounts and look through their photos. Pretty fingernails done and picture perfect sweaters in all colors, so soft the page looks like I can nap inside it.

I tell myself want to knit a sweater, and a sweater in the round! I know it’s seemingly daunting and might take ages, especially since I am a slow knitter, but I have set out to do it. I bookmarked at least twenty patterns from Drops Design Studio because I love the modern and vintage patterns they have available online. I narrow down which patterns I can use based on my yarn and needle sizes. I am using some left over Pound of Love yarn from Lion Brand Yarns because I have a big skein of it left over from a previous project, my Speed Hook Crochet Blanket. Plus, I figure I will make this first sweater attempt before trying to use something finer like the beloved Mohair I have stashed away in a ziplock waiting to be used.

I read the pattern, match my sizes, and get knitting. I crochet cast-on because like I said, I am a natural crocheter. I like the thick even edges of a crochet cast-on also, so I’d recommend trying it for anyone who is looking for a variation of a cast-on method. I set out making the M size, erring on the chance that I’d rather it turn out more medium than too small. I find the neck and the yoke simple enough. The hardest part is the counting as I’m adding stitches to make the yoke the correct size. A couple times I did have to rework myself backwards and pull out some stitches that I miscounted. The good thing about doing that is that I was able to learn and see the set up of each knit stitch even better. Always afraid, more terrified really, of dropping a stitch, I was skeptical of my ability to knit an entire sweater and keep a decent tension. But as I worked backwards trying to correct myself in the errors I did make, I found that I got even better at fixing them. Giving myself some patience in this ‘practice sweater project’, I was less concerned about it looking perfect. As I continued onto the body, I became comfortable making sure my knit posts were aligned correctly from the round I had to re-do, and even more pleased to find that I had figured out how to pick up those dropped stitches!

I had seen enough Youtube tutorials and Pinterest highlighted photos to know that I can rely on my trusty crochet hook to fix those dropped, or messed up, stitches. I could simply work my way upwards through the previous knitted rows to save those stitches that got away. I am happy to say, I finished the body of this sweater and am onto the sleeves! The sweater has a neck, and yoke, a body, and is getting sleeves. Such a small joy, but I find it’s work celebrating.

I’ve decided from the beginning to keep my sweater simple, no intricate designs or anything. I will be changing the color for the sleeves though. I’m choosing a dark contrasting color to the lighter grey body. Stay tuned for finished updates and follow my sweater progress on Instagram!

xo @CitybrightKnits

Published by CitybrightKnits

Hi, I am Christina. I am always crocheting and playing with yarn. Recently, I have started blogging about my own crochet and knitting journey, which I share with you here. I do offer my handmade pieces for sale in my shop link. Please enjoy!

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