History of Stork Scissors

If you do embroidery or sewing and maybe even crochet and knitting, you’ve probably seen these cute bird shaped scissors. Besides just being an interesting shape, there is a historical reason for their shape. 🦩

Doing some research for my upcoming blog post, I came across the interesting history behind the animal shape of these embroidery scissors. 🦩

The stork is associated with childbirth, and originally these started out as umbilical clamps and not scissors at all. Designed to restrict blood flow, midwives used these clamps as part of their tool bags. 🦩

But the link between childbirth and embroidery comes from the long waiting period during child birth. Midwives would work on embroidery during those hours, having both their embroidery bags and delivery bags. At some point the stork clamps morphed into stork scissors used for embroidery that we still find today. ✂️

Hope you found that an interesting tidbit of information. Happy crafting.

For more info, check this link. 🦩

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