The Cotton Beach Sarong a Free Crochet Pattern by CitybrightKnits

I love a summer crochet project and always looking for a chance to make something new! However, sometimes it happens that you only have one ball of yarn left over, and you’re left wondering what to do with it?! This is how I came up with the Cotton Beach Sarong. 

I wanted to make something that I could use for summer that would only require 1 ball of yarn.  I decided to use a chain stitch because the open weave means it doesn’t use that much yardage and looks airy for summer.  Although this pattern is written for using only 1 ball, you could certainly make a larger piece with more yarn.  (As with all my patterns, sizing is adjustable based on continuation of working the established pattern!)

For this sarong, the general measurements will be 38″x 17″ (96 cm x 43 cm) at the top edge, and 35” x 17” ( 88 cm x 43 cm) at the bottom edge. The pattern does allow for an increased tie section at the top edges.

Keep reading below for the written instructions, and I hope you enjoy my pattern!

The Cotton Beach Sarong


1 Skein of cotton yarn (100 gr / 142 m / 155 yds) – Wool and the Gang Shiny Happy Cotton

Hook size H, 5 mm (US size 8) – Boye aluminum hooks


Ch- chain

Sc- single crochet

Sk – skip space


This pattern is written for using one skein of cotton yarn, however you can work a second skein for a larger size piece following the pattern established below.

You may also choose to use stitch markers to mark your sc spaces.


Foundation row – chain 200.

Row 1 – work a sc into 10th chain from hook, *chain 10, sk 10, sc in every 10th chain* to end, turn. 

Row 2-14 – continue pattern working *chain 10, sk 10, sc in every 10th chain* to end, turn. (or work until piece measures 15″ or 38 cm)

Row 15 – increase on the ends of the piece to create a tie.  Chain 20, sc into the 10th chain from hook, ch 10, sk 10, sc into 10th chain.  Resume established pattern working into the 10th ch with ch 10 between sc to end of piece. Turn. ( work tie increase for approx. 2″ or 5 cm)

Row 16-17 – work same as row 10.

Finishing – weave ends of the yarn into the chains.

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If you decide to use or share my pattern, please credit me using my social links. Give me a follow me on Instagram and Facebook @citybrightknits !  Happy crocheting! I would love to hear your comments below if you end up making this design. 🙂 Use #thecottonbeachsarong and #crochetcolorfully !

Link to this pattern on Ravelry .

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