First Timer: Knitting a Sweater in the Round

Two things first: one, I did knit my first ever sweater on straight needles before attempting this one in the round, and two, I am a natural crocheter. 🙂

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The Speed Hook Blanket a Free Crochet Pattern by CitybrightKnits

Using a modified Lemon Peel Stitch.

Years ago I received a crocheted blanket from my cousin, who thoughtfully told me that she considered I may need a blanket to keep me warm when I was moving away for the first time after college. That blanket was thick and long, and uneven along the edges in a sense that it was uniquely handmade. The color of it was bright pink with mixing strands of darker pink and paler pink throughout it. Just learning how to crochet myself at the time, I looked at the wide stitches and tried to figure out which stitch she used to make this blanket for me. Still to this day, I cannot figure out which stitch she may have used. Crab stitch maybe? Alternating shells?

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Learning to Crochet

I leaned to knit before I learned to crochet. Knitting, which for me never really took hold, I had trouble with tension and getting holes in my work. Until one year, when I was early 20-something, I went home for Christmas and my cousin, who is more similar to an aunt than a same-age cousin, was crocheting some baby hats for family. I had always been intrigued by the craft, the use of colors and the reliance on your hands. I asked her to show me how to crochet, and it’s history from there.

I loved crochet. Instantly I understood it, I got the tension right, was able to work that hook so fast, and didn’t fret the mistakes because they were so easily ripped out and repaired. Unlike knitting, where is you find a mistake you have to rip out rows! Ah. Crochet was a one stitch at a time kind of thing. And so easy to manipulate shapes and sizes. My cousin gifted me a set of Boye aluminum crochet hooks from Micheal’s and a couple books on crochet techniques and patterns. It kept me busy for a year. Pre-Pinterest days, I would print off crochet patterns online and take the pages home to work on projects. I would use scrap multi rainbow colored yarn to make my dog a sweater, or coasters, or a hat. I found it so enjoyable. I still prefer crochet to knitting.

I specifically like crocheting when I have a person in mind for whom I am making something. It’s always more inventive to make a gift for someone unexpecting, like a baby blanket or Christmas scarf. Choosing colors and textures to fit their personality is part of the fun of crafting. I’m always amazed at the variety of items that you can crochet, without looking like the stereo typical crocheted tissue box cover in a grandma’s bathroom. I’ve made anything from home decor to argumani plush toys. The detail and personality crochet allows for is unlimited. As I look around the room now, with crocheted blankets and a trunk filled with yarn behind me, I can’t help but get excited for the future projects I already have looming in my mind.

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